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Neighbors helping Neighbors
Hayward, Castro Valley,
San Lorenzo and adjacent unincorporated areas

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The following are potential benefits that may be offered by Eden Area Village.

Eden Area Village is currently in development. Below is a list of services that are commonly offered by Villages. The final list of services offered by Eden Area Village will be determined before we open for business and will be based on demand, local services already available and ability of Eden Area Village to provide those services. If you are interested in working with the group that is helping to determine this list, please come to a meeting or contact us at

Services from Village Volunteers

Daily personal check-in telephone call

Friendly visits at home or hospital

Assistance with household tasks

• Minor home repair or maintenance

• Gardening

• Computer use

Pet walking, pet sitting

Friendship and Community

Social Interaction

• Organized outings and activities
• Exercise and Fitness activities

• Affinity groups, i.e., groups with shared interests

Education - Lectures and small group discussions

• Travel and cultural topics

• Aging, Health and Wellness

• Financial